SoulFlow, our most well-rounded class, opens the body slowly, strengthens mindfully, and helps dissolve accumulated stress through a practice that balances sweat and strength with rest and relaxation. Arm balance and inversion options may be given, but modifications are always offered. SoulFlow may incorporate a short seated meditation and will always leave you feeling less stressed than when you arrived. 


SoulSlow invites you to slow down, intensify focus on your breathing and explore the meditative features found within yoga asana. By spending more time in each pose, this class empowers students to explore the subtleties of their yoga practice. The class culminates by transitioning students from movement to stillness as they spend the last portion of class in seated meditation. SoulSlow will leave you grounded, peaceful and at ease. SoulSlow is appropriate for all levels of yoga practitioners and does not require any prior meditation experience.

SOULsculpt | Heated to 85 degrees

For students ready to kick it up a notch, SoulSculpt combines mindful yoga asana, free weights and great music to give you a full body workout that will have you flirting with your edge every time. Developed by a physical trainer and a seasoned yogi, Sculpt is the perfect complement to traditional yoga as it specifically targets muscles that notoriously need more strength in yogis...upper back, hamstrings, and inner and outer hips just to name a few. Expect to work hard, sweat buckets and have loads of fun! 


RockYourSoul will do just that! Let go into the flow of yoga with dimmed lights and deep beats on our amazing sound system. As you mindfully open your body, you will also enjoy enhanced focus, endurance and strength. The class ends with a few sweet relaxation poses to reduce stress before you head out into the world. 


SoulZen brings you back to a state of relaxation that can often feel elusive amid busy daily life. Poses are held for several minutes and incorporate the use of props for ultimate comfort. SoulZen offers both yin and restorative yoga poses, breath work, meditation and the use of essential oils. Reiki energy work may be presented to help aid relaxation and deep physical, psychological and emotional healing. Most of the class is done on the floor and all levels are welcome, including pregnant yogis or anyone healing from an injury. 


Enjoy a more peaceful and awakened existence through the power of meditation. Experienced and novice meditators alike will benefit from these sessions. Learning meditation can have lifelong effects on your health and enjoyment of life. Sessions are 30 minutes long.