Far Infrared Sauna

by Lauren Wessinger

 Photo by Amber Shumake


There has been quite a buzz in the community about the healing effects of the far infrared sauna.  We have two of them at SoulSpace, each in their own private room for your comfort and privacy. The weather is heating up outside making more challenging to sit in the sauna (we get it!), but the therapy the sauna provides is year-round. Drink a full 12 oz of water before and a full 12 oz of water after your session. 

A few REALLY good questions people often ask us about the sauna:

How long is a session?

Thirty minutes from start to finish, and 45 minutes sessions are available for clients who want more time. 

What do I wear?

Nothing. :) We cover the sauna in a bath towel and provide two hand towels as well. More towels are available for rent, and many clients prefer to bring their own. We custom built the private rooms just for the saunas, and each room has a bench and a locking door. The saunas are thoroughly cleaned after each use. 

How often should I come?

We recommend booking sauna sessions 2-3 times a week for maximum benefit. Like anything, consistency is key in building lasting healing effects. 

When should I shower?

There's nothing like a good, clean sweat. Showering before allows your body to stay warm for a few hours after your session, potentially prolonging the healing effects. Showering after can rinse off any toxins that are released through sweat. Either way is fine...some clients do both!

I can't stand dry saunas I've experienced in the past...how is this different?

Very. A dry sauna can reach 220 degrees at maximum heat. The far infrared sauna maxes out at around 140 degrees. Because the far infrared rays heat your body, not the air, there isn't a stuffy or claustrophobic feeling. You will sweat a lot and get very warm, but most people report a very enjoyable, rejuvenating and relaxing experience in the infrared sauna. PLUS...there is LED light therapy and a connection for your smart phone should you wish to listen to music or a podcast. 

We love this blog post from MindBodyGreen about the sauna. 

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