Why Restorative Yoga Is Important

By Kasey Bell


We live in an age of constant stimulation and movement. Information travels faster than ever, and because of that, our brains are moving at faster rates than previous generations. We live in a time where multitasking is over valued and necessary at all times of the day. Of course, there is nothing wrong with multitasking and leading busy lives, unless those aspects start to take over our life to the point in which we are unable to find balance and restoration.

Restorative yoga can help us achieve balance by slowing down the pace of our body and brain.  This practice soothes the nervous system and lowers stress levels and inflammation in our bodies. It creates a mindfulness that permeates into the rest of our lives and we start finding ourselves learning to pause and respond in situations where we previously reacted. Restorative yoga deepens our self awareness and fosters introspection. It allows us to diffuse the outside world, even just for 75 minutes, so that we can check in and say hello to our spirit within.

Athletes and those that train intensely benefit greatly from restorative yoga.  Oftentimes, yoga for athletes is misinterpreted as a vigorous, fast paced class that gets the heart rate up, when in reality, what athletes need most is a calming and cooling practice.  This is proven to jump start recovery, help with injury prevention and increase mental focus, which is crucial for endurance athletes.  

Allowing for restoration actually helps us better serve the other areas of our life. We can be more present with our families and loved ones. We find ourselves refreshed and more productive, rather than drained, at work. Overall, finding the time for a weekly restorative yoga class, also known as SoulZen at SoulSpace Yoga Community, is an act of self love that welcomes balance in all areas of our life.