The Rhythm of Yoga

By Lauren Wessinger

When we begin to attune to the rhythms of the earth, we allow our body to lead the way. 

At the studio, without verbally communicating this with each other, our teaching team honors the heat, the fire, and the intense energy all around us right now. 

Although the infrared sauna can be done year-round, the sauna is less used right now. We are all adding a restorative yoga pose to the end of most of our classes, and we turn on the AC sometimes and turn off the heat panels once in a while. 

Cooling types of breath work and wind storms by way of the fans make appearances. One teacher offers somatic experiences while another offers whole system down-shifting. One teacher honors the sun with music to uplift the group while another teaches in total silence.

Yet, the classes are still robust and full and work the edge of our strength. We sweat and feel the effects the next day, yet we aren’t physically wasted…ever.  What we’ve created at the studio is an awareness of what the body needs in any given moment, and those needs may never be the same day-to-day. It takes living a life of mindfulness and committing to our own personal practices. It’s such an art that all our teachers are so gifted at offering.  It’s yoga…and beyond.