Far Infrared Sauna

By Lauren Wessinger

Before we opened SoulSpace, we traveled to a few cities to explore their yoga communities with the intention of bringing home inspiration for our own yoga studio. We visited an infrared sauna boutique whose only business offering was time in the sauna. It was chic, clean and well appointed. Six small, white, private rooms housed the saunas; we went in to sweat and came out 30 minutes later…forever changed. Well, not so much me. I wasn’t really sold that it did anything at all except make my face turn tomato red. 

We ended up building two of our own small private spaces to have two far infrared saunas for use at SoulSpace Yoga Community. I would get in every once in a while because I thought sweating was better than not sweating, but wasn’t totally convinced of the deeper health benefits. 

About a year ago I began seeing an Integrative Medicine doctor. His approach is to look at all aspects of one’s life, and determine a health plan from there. It’s more about getting to the root of why the imbalances are present, rather than band-aiding any ailments. In addition to a few vitamins I was deficient in, guess what else he prescribed me? Yes, you guessed it!  Three sessions per week in the far infrared sauna! To help minimize internal inflammation levels in my body that he uncovered for me through some testing, one of the main forms of treatment is 20-30 minute in the sauna, three days per week. I began this schedule a little over 12 months ago.

Like so many of us, for the last 10 years or so I’ve gotten sick around the holidays. It would knock me down for a week. This year…nada. Nothing. Zilch. Without a doubt I know it is because of the decreased inflammation in my body. The sauna essentially takes your body into a feverish state, waking up its natural response to inflammation and fighting it from the inside out.

There are benefits of the sauna you can read about from a reputable source online, but I always find it just as relevant to also know someone who has benefitted. So here is what I’ve experienced:

  • Big immune system boost - no sickness in over a year now!!!
  • Clearer skin
  • Brighter whites of eyes
  • Muscle pulls and strains heal faster
  • Amazing sleep on the days I sauna
  • Less stress (I usually take the 20 minutes to listen to a guided meditation in the sauna. Or, I just sit in the quiet dark and do nothing.)
  • Overall, my body is ache-free all the time

Inflammation is the body’s response to stress. In this modern world we live in, so many adults are pretty much living in a constant state of fight-or-flight without even realizing it. Stress has become the new normal. Nobody will take back control of our own bodies and lives for us. We must participate in our own healing, and this is one way I’ve devoted time back to my own. 

Stress = Inflammation = Dis-Ease

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