The Benefits of Yoga and Weights

By Amy Luskey


I am passionate about helping people get fit.  I’m not your typical yoga teacher in that I have over 16 years’ experience as a personal trainer, and it is my love of both yoga and personal training that was the catalyst for creating a class merging the two.  I saw a need in the Fort Worth yoga community for an intelligently sequenced yoga sculpt class, so I recruited my fellow yoga teacher and friend, McKenzie Riepen, and we spent months developing what we feel is a well-rounded combination of yoga and strength training.  

Many yogis might say adding weights to a traditional yoga practice is almost blasphemous.  In my experience, however, yoga sculpt classes provide an opportunity to work muscles that students need in order to have a strong yoga practice—as well as a safe yoga practice—that they might otherwise overlook in a typical class.  Most yoga sequences focus on the same muscle groups, and the repetitive action can cause muscle weakness, imbalances and ultimately, injuries. It is our goal to strengthen the underutilized opposing muscle groups (think back side of the body) and reduce injury so that students can practice yoga into old age. 

Students that have been practicing for a long time, or, students that were born very flexible, can become hyper-flexible, and that can be unhealthy when it’s not balanced with strength training.

The SoulSculpt classes at SoulSpace utilize yoga props and either 3, 5 or 8 pound hand weights. We slowly and mindfully warm up, then introduce the weights for the majority of the class. The music is pumping, the lights are low and the sweat is flowing!  Enjoy the benefits of the self- awareness that yoga practice brings combined with the strengthening practice of weight lifting in any of our five SoulSculpt class offerings during the week. Check out our website for more details!