How to Use Essential Oils

By Kasey Bell

I am a yoga instructor and energy worker at SoulSpace Yoga Community in Fort Worth, Texas. I am also extremely passionate about essential oils and crystals. I have combined those loves into gorgeous, reiki charged essential oil roller bottles that are now available for purchase at SoulSpace. These oils are diluted in fractionated coconut oil and are safe to use topically on the skin. Do you love the beautiful fragrance and/or the the idea of using essential oils, but have no clue where to start? 

Here are 5 ways essential oils can create a more mindful yoga and meditation practice:

  1. Enhance your meditation practice.  Roll an essential oil blend on your palms. Cup your hands around your face and take 8 deep, slow breaths. Breathe in the oil, waft in the scent, and allow the oil to ground you in this moment. 
  2. Make it your morning (or evening) meditation routine. Creating a routine will stimulate a somatic response in the body that associates peace and calm with using the oil. Establish a daily routine of a short meditation practice with the oil and soon just the scent help you center and feel at a meditative state.
  3. Deepen your savasana. Roll an oil blend on your temples before savasana to help you to drop deeper into relaxation. 
  4. Explore the body. Apply the Ground blend to the bottoms of the feet for grounding. Apply Happy to your solar plexus and heart to uplift and energize. Apply Calm to your temples before a calming meditation. Explore different applications and note how your body responds to each one.
  5. Use essential oils for smudging or clearing your energy. Similar to burning sage or palo santo, you can also clear your energy with essential oils. Apply the oil to the body, take in the scent, and release old energy, negative energy, and anything you need to let go.