Creating Stories and Playing Tapes: On and Off the Mat


Teaching yoga is not something I could ever do. Neither is a handstand. Nor is it even REMOTELY possible that I could ever be a light or inspiration to someone in their dark and troubling times.

Those are tapes; stories I tell myself. They are gloomy clouds of sorrow that say, "I can't".  To this day, I encounter these clouds, however, I now know to ask for help and I have been given tools to help me through these times. Through the support of my beautiful yoga family, I have proven to myself “I can” on my yoga mat, and I take that belief off the mat and into the world. 

In life, I feel like there are two types of humans that translate into two various measures of will.  There are those whom will fearlessly go for it. They WILL teach yoga. They WILL do a handstand. By God they are there to get it done!!!  Then there are those like me, who play the same tape over and over on repeat, “I can't. I won't. I'm not worthy.”  My friend and yoga bud, Jim Desmond, says, “people are either reachers or settlers.”  I love that!  Reach for the constellations--don't settle for the stars, my friends.

Presently, I confidently teach yoga, stand on my hands and am a source of inspiration for people.  I teach yoga EVERY day except Monday and Saturday. I stand on my hands and balance on my arms religiously. People reach out to me, and I to them, for support and encouragement. 

The story you are spinning is fiction. And just eject the damn tape playing in your head. You ARE worthy. You CAN do a handstand. You ARE a light. I believe in you and so does every single beautiful soul at SoulSpace Yoga Community. We have the knowledge and tools and we can help you achieve your desires through this practice. We get so much out of it (just don't ask us to figure out a complicated technological issue)!  I have proven time and time again that the story in my head is just too true. The struggle is real ‘yall…… sometimes, too real.  

Peace. I love you. You can. You will. You are a light. Sounds like the beginning of a mantra to replace the tapes and the story. That’s a start!

Once you start believing in yourself in the classroom on your rectangular shaped mat, I nearly guarantee it will translate into your life and shine through to this vast spherical land we call Earth and the Universe beyond. Whatever that may be.

All My Love, Encouragement, Support and Thanks,

- Michael