What It Means To Practice

by Lauren Wessinger

Through the restructuring of my own life this past year, I’ve recently found an offering in helping other Mamas redefine what it means to practice yoga, especially in the early years of motherhood. Although as a business owner I want them to come to my studio and practice, the Mama in me often talks them out of just that. Motherhood leaves us with less time alone, less time to tend to the tasks of our own heart and our own body. It leaves us with more of a need, however, to connect to ourselves and our loved ones in a way never asked of us before. A two hour opening in the day to get to a studio to practice feels elusive and far away at times. But like our meditation practice, a little bit more often accumulates and runs deeper than a lot once in awhile. So Mamas, as you navigate through this highest honor in your life, a few practices that have worked for me:

Practice is pausing. Create a sacred spot in a corner of a room to sit and breathe, or an altar where you can pause and be reminded of the beauty and meaning surrounding you.

Practice is movement. One sun salutation. Literally, one. It counts and it matters! Try it now!

Practice is breath. Five rounds of nadi shodhana as you lie down to sleep.

Practice is grabbing time. Sitting in your car in the pickup line at school, close your eyes for two minutes of meditation. Your children will be welcomed by a refreshed Mama.

Practice is staying in the flow. Remind yourself that staying in the flow takes consistent refinement and your highest discernment of what is allowed into your body, your heart and your home.

Practice is surrender. Putting to rest to the “old way” and wholeheartedly welcoming the “new way” of living, in all its rich challenge and loving glory. Such a fertile place for growth.

Practice is acceptance. Of all that is.

Love to all the Mamas today. And everyday.