How Working With a Life Coach Helped Put Me Back on My Spiritual Path and Regain My Voice

BY McKenzie Riepen


Having a life coach has been a completely transformative experience. When I began meeting with Certified Integral Coach, Shannon Haddaway, I knew that I had work to do, but had no idea how much growth I had the power to manifest in my life, nor how much I had strayed from my spiritual path. 

If you’re not sure what a life coach is, Shannon describes it beautifully in a blog post here, including the difference between a therapist and a coach. And while I was familiar with therapy, before I started meeting with Shannon, I had no idea what a life coach was or what to expect. I just knew I was in need of some guidance, but didn’t know where to start. 

From my experience, coaching takes on a completely integrated approach to dissecting personal, spiritual, mental, physical and emotional goals and assignments. 

After my first session it was clear, I had misplaced my voice and felt as if I was floating along aimlessly. As I look back over the course of seven months, I have seen growth in all of those aforementioned areas:

  • I have transitioned jobs where I now work from home—offering me more balance with my teaching schedule. 
  • I learned to journal multiple times a day as a way to express myself and also, check in on each of those areas.
  • I have learned to cope with a family loss and utilize my incredible support network.
  • I was guided and made it a priority to attend a mini spiritual retreat with one of my favorite authors and inspirations, Gabrielle Bernstein. 
  • I’ve taken chances to travel more, get more connected to nature and explore my passions. 
  • Most importantly, I regained my voice that felt lost and was guided back on my spiritual path. 

From exploring my purpose to learning about enneagram types, embodiment, journaling and reading across multiple subjects, I have gained such a different perspective and outlook on life that was with me all along. I just needed someone to show me the light and the way. 

During our last session together, I could barely hold back the tears of joy and pride for doing this work. I am incredibly grateful for Shannon’s leadership and support throughout this process and know that this work is ever-evolving. Much like our yoga, it’s a constant practice and the tools I’ve learned through my coaching have been and will continue to be invaluable. 

If you’re feeling disconnected or ungrounded, meeting with a coach is a beautiful opportunity for learning how to connect to your source and act from what is true. 

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