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At your neighborhood yoga studio, SoulSpace Yoga Community, you can expect to be taken care of from the moment you walk in the door. We know how much the practice of yoga means to our experienced students. We also know how intimidating it can be to take your very first yoga class! Everyone will be welcomed with friendliness and support. Our studio is modern and clean, safe and loving, and accessible to practitioners of all levels. Our class offerings include SoulFlow (all-levels flow), SoulPower (challenging and sweaty), RockYourSoul (energetic and fun), SoulSlow (slow-moving and meditative), and SoulZen (restorative and yin yoga).

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The SoulSpace teaching team is diverse, experienced and passionate. Each teacher is trained to help you explore your edges, teach modifications for each pose, and accommodate injuries and specific needs. Our teachers have many years of self-practice, teaching and life experience to share with you. By continuing to study under other teachers across the globe, they embody the “always a student” principal and provide our community with consistent and high-quality yoga.


SoulSpace is an inviting place that offers more than just yoga. We invite you to stay after class to enjoy tea and a chat with a friend in our bright and comfortable tea lounge. Explore our retail boutique, which offers unique lines of jewelry and clothing. Enjoy the healing, detoxifying benefits of infrared heat in one of our Clearlight Infrared Saunas. Shower off your class in our beautiful, spa-like bathrooms complete with high-end amenities.


We strive to consider every detail to make your yoga experience
as rich and satisfying as possible. We can’t wait to see you!


lauren| Owner

Lauren Wessinger is 500-hour certified through Yoga Alliance with Jason Crandell, and her teacher for all offerings heart and soul is Elena Brower. She’s attended several intensive trainings with Judith Lasater, Ana Forrest, and Rod Stryker. She is Reiki attuned level one and two, certified in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, and leads mindfulness sessions to public school children in the Mindful Schools method. She keeps her studentship very close with the belief that the most effective teachers are deeply dedicated to their personal practice. In her classes, you can expect an equal mix of strength and movement, and rest and ease. Nervous system support to help her students access the quiet place that resides inside is always a focus. Her family, her teachers, the studio she co-owns SoulSpace Yoga Community, and the people of the world challenge and inspire her to keep doing the work. To see Lauren’s retreat schedule and other events please visit


shannon | Owner & Life Coach

Shannon was first drawn to yoga in 2000, initially as a way to stay in shape.  As the years progressed and challenges were placed in front of her, she began to find solace and healing through yoga.  After more than a decade of consistent practice, both on and off her mat, Shannon completed her RYT-200 in 2013 so she could share the healing powers of yoga with others.

Service to her fellow human beings is what makes Shannon’s spirit come alive. She has taught school, served her community in various capacities, and completed a vigorous training program through New Ventures West coaching school, to become a certified Integral Coach. She feels it is her life’s calling to help others live in a manner in which they feel most alive and connected with their own humanity.

Because Shannon is passionate about the practice of yoga, she makes it a priority to expand her knowledge through attending trainings and workshops all over the country.  She feels immense gratitude for having trained with Baron Baptiste, Ashley Turner, Noah Maze, and most recently, one of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois’ first Western students, Clifford Sweatte.

Currently, Shannon focuses her energy on sharing the duties of owning SoulSpace Yoga Community with her business partner, Lauren Wessinger, as well as answering her life’s calling by coaching others to step into the best version of themselves possible. 

When Shannon is not with her tribe at SoulSpace Yoga Community, she is enjoying time with her three children, her fabulously supportive husband and their four dogs.  She loves to read, travel, eat good food, rescue animals and go to the mountains any chance she gets.

amber | teacher

Amber Shumake shines a light in the Fort Worth community and beyond. A decade ago, a psychiatrist recommended Amber try yoga to alleviate anxiety. Numb to life, she buffered herself with Xanax just to get out of bed in the morning. She credits yoga with breathing her back to life and helping her heal everything from back pain to a broken heart, divorce to depression, anorexia to alcoholism and other ailments in between. She revels at every opportunity to share the practice that helps her continue to improve herself.

Having studied Forrest Yoga, Anusara Yoga and Restorative Yoga, Amber’s teaching style is as eclectic as she is. As a trained counselor and former public school teacher, she tailors her classes to meet the unique needs of her students. It’s not uncommon for Amber to teach a handstand tutorial in one private session and chair yoga in the next.

She believes that we’ve each been given a spark of the same phenomenon that causes our hair to grow and our hearts to beat; yoga teaches us to live from that sacred space. Our yoga practice is a microcosm of our life practice, and the way to bring lasting change to our world is to begin within. Seasoned with poignant anecdotes and childlike laughter, her classes blend methodical sequencing with spiritual nuggets that everybody can digest. When you roll up your mat following her class, you feel both empowered with strength and inspired with humility.

When Amber is not teaching, she is working on her yoga memoir, chasing a sunset with a willing soul and her camera, or snuggling on the couch with dark chocolate (her drug of choice) and her even sweeter partner and pup.

gabrielle | teacher

Gabrielle(Gabby) has been practicing yoga since 1999 and meditation since 2003. She has been teaching yoga since 2008 and meditation since 2010. She studied ballet as a child and teen, and when she found yoga, it felt like a natural transition from the fluidity and movement of dance. Due to chronic pain in her body from the repetitive movements required of her in her 17-year hairstyling career, she realized she had to make a positive change for herself and chose to teach yoga full time. She obtained her 200 hour certification in 2007 in Vajra Yoga and Meditation with Jill Satterfield in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont and in New York City. In 2017, she completed 300 hour certification with Sandra Vanatko, John Stockberger and Jenny Reitz at Indra’s Grace Yoga in Weatherford, TX. Now having her 500 hour certificate she draws upon many styles of yoga for a well rounded practice in her group and private classes. 

Through accumulating many hours of study with various teachers and styles of yoga, and also through teaching group and private classes, workshops, and retreats, she has developed a well rounded style of her own. Gabby has mostly studied Hatha, Iyengar, Vajra, Anusara and Restorative Yoga. Her education focused on alignment within each asana/pose, and how to mindfully unite body and breath. She feels most comfortable teaching classes at a slower pace, saying “in this way we can find our alignment and mindful breath and fulfill each pose before moving on to the next.” Her classes have been described as grounding, strengthening, challenging, meditative and relaxing.

In addition to having a ballet, yoga and meditation background, Gabrielle has also been a songwriter and musician for 23 years. She has toured throughout the United States and many parts of Europe with the band she plays in with her husband, The Cush. She is very passionate about playing, writing and recording music, and loves to help people experience positive energy through the power of music.

Yoga keeps Gabrielle grounded and tuned in to both herself and life around her. Practicing yoga helps her feel more peaceful with life, and she enjoys helping others find their inner peace as well. She dedicates much of her time to helping people learn the benefits of yoga, and the experience gives back to her in so many incredible ways. She feels driven to share this knowledge with anyone who wants to learn! 

A note from Gabby: "Yoga always brings me back to an abundance of love, compassion and gratitude, and I experience more clarity and strength in my body and mind. I feel gratitude to have the opportunity to teach yoga. I'm inspired by other people's practice everyday. It is a blessing!”


AMY | teacher

Amy started her workout life when her children were very young.  Weight training and endurance activities had always been her passion.  In 2000, she received her Personal Training Certification and currently works as a Personal Trainer.  

Amy would occasionally dabble in yoga but was never committed. However, that all changed when she stepped on her mat in the spring of 2011, and she hasn't stepped off since!   Amy completed her 200 hour Advanced Yoga Certification in the Spring 2016.  She loves to teach a flow class as well as  introduce beginners to this beautiful practice.  Amy brings a passion for the physical practice and an enthusiasm to constantly learn more.  She recently helped develop "SoulSculpt" for SoulSpace, which is a beautiful blend of Yoga and weight training. 

"I love everything that yoga gives me; the mind- body connection coupled with the strength and flexibility. I am doing things in my yoga practice I would never imagine I could do! Connecting with people in yoga both on and off my mat gives me so much joy and satisfaction". 


keitha | teacher

Keitha has practiced many different styles of yoga off and on for about a decade. In 2011, plagued with injuries attributed to marathon training, she turned whole-heartedly to yoga in a desperate attempt to quickly heal her bodily aches and pains. However, after a quiet instructor named Gigi ended a stunningly beautiful Candlelight Flow class with a short meditation and a reading of “The Summer Day” by Mary Oliver, she knew that yoga was intended for more than just her body.

With an intense curiosity as to what yoga could offer beyond the physical body, she began looking into teacher training programs. In 2015, the stars aligned and in September of that year she completed a nine month long 200 Hour Teaching Training with Shannon Buffington, E-RYT RYS. Her training focused on anatomy and physiology, vinyasa krama, pranayama, mantra and the science of sound, meditation (theory and practice), yoga philosophy/history and special populations.

For Keitha, yoga allowed for a much needed shift in living and an awareness that has truly been life changing. She works to bring thoughtful and intentional sequencing and a focus on energetics and breath to all of her classes. Keitha draws energy from spending time in nature, loving on her two rescue dogs and adventuring around the world with her husband. 


kayla | teacher

Kayla has been a proud yogi for over a decade. She was introduced at the ripe age of 14 while attending a fancy yoga institute in Houston that a friend dragged her to. After her first class she was hooked; she loved the calming energy, twisting herself into crazy poses and the flexibility she gained through the practice. Throughout the last 12 years she has dabbled with various types of yoga, but has found her love through vinyasa flow. 

Kayla’s passion for yoga is evident in her daily life, demeanor and the way she takes care of her body. She has learned through yoga how utilizing her breath can calm her worry prone and anxious mind, and, she has  gained a greater understanding of who she is. After struggling with numerous eating disorders, Kayla gives the credit of her recovery to the practice of yoga. By giving her such a tremendous appreciation for her body, yoga helped ease her soul and healed her mentally and physically. Kayla has referred to yoga as her favorite companion and better half. Without it she would be incomplete. 

Kayla completed her 200 hour teacher training in February of 2016 at YogaLinda, a small studio in Barcelona, Spain. It was a soul searching experience in which she quit her job and left for Spain to pursue a dream that was placed on her heart. She has a desire to lead others through their practice, and her goal is to inspire those she teaches with her contagious energy and fun, yet challenging classes. When she’s not on her yoga mat you can find her in her kitchen cooking up something healthy and delicious, spending time with family and friends or snuggling with her fur son, Moosey Goosey Cockapoosey (aka Moose). 

sydney | teacher

Sydney found yoga in her late teens. She started at an Iyengar based studio in Atlanta. From there, she practiced off and on throughout college, but really came back to the practice full-time as an adult. Her use of meditation and making time for a consistent home practice has helped her stay grounded while raising 2 beautiful young children with her loving and supportive husband. 

Sydney is extremely passionate about pranayama, meditation and making yoga accessible to ALL people. She believes the purpose of yoga is not to perfect the pose, but to move energy throughout the body. She loves using pranayama, asana and meditation as a way to heal, and absolutely loves sharing this knowledge with other people. She loves teaching and knows that this is what she was created to do. 

She is currently working on receiving her 300 hour certification. 

KASEY | teacher

Kasey’s yoga practice began in 2004. What started out as an exercise regimen soon became a way of life.  After taking her first few yoga classes her body felt energized and relaxed, her mind was clear and peaceful. She soon learned that yoga is truly an exercise for the body, mind and soul. Discovering the gift of yoga has inspired her to share this peace with others. Kasey became a certified yoga instructor in 2013 after attending Dharma Yoga’s 200 hour teacher training in Austin, TX. 

After the birth of her first child in 2015, Kasey went from teaching a couple classes a week to teaching yoga full time. Teaching and practicing yoga keeps Kasey grounded while balancing life with 2 young children and a husband in medical school. 

Kasey’s classes weave mindful alignment, creative expression and guided meditation with a heavy dose of love, sweat and laughter. Kasey is a reiki level 2 practitioner and often incorporates healing reiki techniques into class. She has spent an extensive amount of time studying the chakras and often brings her knowledge of the chakra system into class. In Kasey's classes yogis are invited to dive in and explore that which lives within, connect with their neighbors and find their personal truth. You will leave feeling reset and cleansed, in mind, body and soul.

Aside from yoga, Kasey’s other passions include studying energy work, crystals, cooking and enjoying good food, fashion and art. 

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julie | teacher

Julie began her yoga journey in 2005 after sustaining a knee injury, resulting in three surgeries and scar-tissue complications.  As a former soccer player and runner, movement has always been a healing aspect of Julie’s life, including serving as her antidote for anxiety and depression.  After her knee injury, her friend recommended Bikram Yoga.  Although it was not love at first practice, she stuck with it and began to crave going.

After the birth of her daughter and experiencing various stressful life circumstances and numerous injuries, Julie felt compelled to lead a more fully integrated, healing lifestyle.  Given her first-hand experiences with the restorative and curative powers of yoga, she knew she wanted to share this gift with others.  Six weeks after attending her first Baptiste power yoga class, a style of yoga with which she fell in love, Julie signed up for the Baptiste teacher training program.  Over that next two years, she completed her RYT-200 and traveled to assist Baron Baptiste in workshops.  Beyond Baptiste, some of the other master teachers from whom she has drawn inspiration include: Tias Little, Dr. Ray Long, MD, Elise Browning Miller and Kathryn Budig.  

Julie believes that yoga can and should be accessible for everyone.  To this end, Julie is passionate about helping students of all backgrounds, body types and physical-ability levels.  Given her nursing education and personal experiences with injuries and auto-immune diseases, Julie’s teaching style is rehabilitative with a deep focus on anatomy, physiology, alignment and student-specific modifications.

Julie is a Fort Worth local and Texas Christian University alum.  When she’s not spending time with her eight-year-old daughter and husband, she enjoys her personal yoga practice, nutrition, cooking, traveling and building community.  Above all, Julie’s life mission is helping others achieve optimal health through the holistic means of yoga, nutrition and living an integrated, healthy lifestyle. 

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jamie | teacher

Those who knew Jamie as a young, corporate executive, might be surprised at Jamie’s transition to yoga.  After the birth of her third child in three short years, Jamie traded in the hours logged on the treadmill and in the board room for her yoga mat.  With the busy life and stress of a growing family with three children three and under, Jamie longed for stillness and more time with her family.  What initially began as a physical practice, has evolved into a complete transformation of her mind, body and spirit. 

Jamie’s yoga journey started off slow, practicing 1-2 days a week, but grew to a very disciplined practice throughout the years.  After 3 years, Jamie sought to deepen her practice; and after months of soul searching, took on the challenge of a 10-month long Yoga Teaching Training (YTT) program.

Jamie received her RYT 200 certification under the talented leadership of Nicolle Callahan and Gina Dunn of Dallas, along with sanskrit scholar Cheryl Oliver of Scottsdale.  This unique combination of talented teachers and their distinct training program is evident each time you step onto the mat with Jamie guiding you.  Her creative sequencing and music are a refreshing twist, while her classes are firmly rooted in the traditional aspects of yoga.  

Jamie’s classes are a challenging and accessible for practitioners of all levels, but the true depth of her classes is felt off the mat as she encourages you to explore the connection of mind, body and spirit.  The words of her teachers can be heard as she effortlessly guides you through unique vinyasa sequences cued with her extensive sanskrit.  Her classes are fun and unexpected; built from the heart and taught with infinite kindness.  Be prepared to challenge your own physical prowess from a place of curiosity and playfulness. You will leave content and relaxed with what is…and likely smiling.

Off the mat, Jamie enjoys time spent with her family whether it is traveling, volunteering in the local community or just enjoying a lazy weekend.  Namaste, yogis!


IRIE | teacher

Irie began practicing yoga in 2006 to increase flexibility. (Okay, if she were being completely honest, really, she wanted to be able to contort herself as gracefully and mindboggingly as a Cirque du Soleil performer. Yoga seemed like the easiest means to an end.)

Over time, she learned that yoga is good for more than a bendy body. Yoga helped her calm her mind, gave her physical strength, and helped her remain present both on and off her mat. Desiring to share this practice with others, in 2015, Irie completed her 200-hour training at The Yoga Stand, a Baptiste-inspired studio in Lubbock, Texas. 

Though her initial training was in power yoga, Irie’s teaching style is influenced by a variety of yogic styles, including ashtanga, jivamukti, hatha, and yin. Drawing from these traditions, she loves to create a yoga practice that cultivates breath work, strength building, mobility, and intuitive movement.

More than a decade after her first yoga class, Irie still won’t mistaken for a Cirque du Soleil act. But she is more in tune with her body and its needs, as well as her spirit and its needs. She hopes the same becomes true for you.

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Tiffany | teacher

Tiffany is a yoga teacher and physical therapist with a passion for exploring anatomy, physiology, and movement, and the ways in which science intersects with yoga practice. She entered the world of yoga around age 15 when her mom became a yoga instructor, and yoga has been a guiding presence in her life since then. 

She began teaching yoga in 2005 while studying exercise science at the University of South Carolina, and continued through her studies in physical therapy at Texas Woman's University, from which she received her  Doctor of Physical Therapy degree in 2011. 

Tiffany completed her initial teacher training in Anusara Yoga, but her yoga training is eclectic, as she loves to explore and blend styles. In 2016, she completed an advanced 500-hour teacher training with Christina Sell and Gioconda Parker, and in 2017, was officially certified as a yoga therapist through the International Association of Yoga Therapists, based on several years of yoga therapy practice and experience.

Tiffany's classes blend technical instruction with playful, creative sequencing. She loves to integrate the technical aspects of physical therapy training with the wisdom of yoga in ways that empower people to accept and celebrate not only their bodies, but the full scope of that which they presently and potentially offer in this life. 

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nikki | teacher

Nikki came to yoga after a lot of reluctance and mostly out of obligation. A very dear friend, who happens to be a proficient yoga practitioner, bought Nikki a gift card to a local Fort Worth yoga studio in early 2012.  The gift allowed for Nikki’s attendance to five yoga classes.  Not wanting to be an ingrate, Nikki used the gift.  It wasn’t love at first yoga class, however, by the third class she was hooked and she has been religiously practicing yoga ever since. Yoga has saved Nikki and helped her maintain some internal peace through In vitro fertilization, the suicide of her beloved younger brother, the illness and hospitalization of her youngest child at the age of 1 year old and all the rest of life’s little challenges. 

Because Nikki experienced yoga’s healing power, she decided in 2017 to become a Yoga Alliance 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher through the Soul.Full School of Yoga at Soulspace Yoga Community in Fort Worth under the direction of her two long-time teachers, Amber Shumake and Lauren Wessinger.  Nikki’s first love is Forrest Yoga but she has since become a practitioner of an eclectic mix of yogic traditions and she brings this mix to her teaching. Her desire is to teach classes that allow for space so that each student may heal energetically & physically, as well as, connect to pure presence.  She does this by using her life-experience, intuitive sense of energy, and grounding presence to offer yoga, insight, and peace to the individuals she is fortunate to encounter. 

When not in the yoga studio, Nikki volunteers at the Fort Worth Jewish Archives, is on the board of directors for the Jewish Education Agency of Fort Worth. You may also catch her playing with crystals and essential oils, snuggling with one of her 5 goats or 5 dogs on her little slice of Texas heaven, or just generally hanging with her husband and two gorgeous children that make her life complete.